Super Future Crimson EP

Neil Miller, Jr.
Neil Miller, Jr.

For Super Future's second EP of 2023 and his first released on Hypnovizion, the Denver artist didn't pull any punches. Each track shows the legend at his best, giving listeners both new and old a pristine display of who he really is as a musician. But if there's one takeaway from the EP as a whole: it's that this guy is hella fun.

Try not to shake your booty to his opening bop "Bassline," which also features frequent Super Future collaborator, Wreckno. When these two come together, it's always a good time and a total party. The EP's title
track is a bouncy affair, finding Super Future riding an intergalactic surfboard through a rich galaxy of wubs. This tune is a standout in Super Future's oeuvre thanks to its fresh sound and unique midtempo exuberance. In fact, it's a track that's been a long time coming. "The
Crimson track was one that came a long way. As soon as the Hypnovizion label expressed interest in releasing my music I was like 'hmm, what would it be like if I tried midtempo but in a Super Future sound?' I always loved the genre but never tried," Super Future elaborates. Head out to one of his shows and maybe you'll even get to hear the original version featuring an Eazy E sample. Super Future recounts that "the lyric I had originally was so sick cuz it was Eazy E…but that won’t fly with copyrights. So I got a new mic setup and did my own!"

'Crimson' is more than simply just a word or a color to the genius producer as well. It is deeply symbolic and quite special to him: "The crimson red diamond on the cover plays into my brand’s diamond imagery. But also REAL red diamonds are the most rare color of natural
diamond because of a slight mistake in the chemical lattice structure (my degree is actually in chemistry lol). And so I was like ok I’m a unique one and always make mistakes in order to experiment…that sounds like me!"

"No Bounce" is a sonic blast of next level sound design from Super Future and freeform bass artist MontyCler - and contrary to what the track is called, this one carries all the bounce. EP closer "Penthouse" features Richmond VA artist rSUN, who Mr. Future discovered through his Discord group, and finds him dipping his feet into the phonk genre: "I’ve been loving the rise of phonk, but have never heard it used in a twerk style" Super Future explains.

The entirety of the Crimson EP is a huge step forward for an artist who has long been seen by many as the next wave of bass music - but this release is Super Future announcing that the next wave is here and now. This is by and large his most bold mission statement yet and a ferocious collection of tracks that lets us all know where he's at in 2023 and where he's heading. If this is the kind of music we can keep expecting from Mr. Future, then we are so here for it.