sfam - not playin' (EP)

Neil Miller, Jr.
Neil Miller, Jr.

Never afraid to go hard on the dark, heavy, and weird, New Orleans' bass luminaries sfam bring the heat for their first EP with Hypnovizion, not playin'. Flexing their muscle for out of this world  sound design, the dynamic duo traverse the more tenebrous atmospheres of bass music  across six tracks that each create a space entirely of their own. The opening title track is a  mission statement if there ever was one: these guys are NOT playin'. The drums are  uncompromising and the bass is righteously scalding. This is absolutely a track that begs to  played at maximum volume - but don't be too hasty to turn it down after because "Listen Here"  is there to promptly launch your behind into outer space.

sfam can ne'er do any wrong but looking at the scope of their catalog, they tend to have tracks  that stand out as true testaments to their ability to push sound design in entirely new and  sometimes downright wacky directions. "Listen Here" is one of those tracks. Featuring a  warbling bass that rapidly gyrates around you (it especially hits if you're listening on  headphones), this track is the modern day companion piece to Aphex Twin's "Bucephalus  Bouncing Ball," which also makes ultra-creative use of inventive panning techniques. One thing  is certain: when sfam says "Listen Here!," you'll do best to pay attention.

The not playin' EP also boasts two fierce collabs: "wassup", a strikingly effective display of  what the sfam boys can do with an endlessly talented & innovational human beat machine like  HerShe. The other collab, "gettin' paid," is a punchy, prime and proper twerk anthem that will  have you throwing ass no matter where you're listening to it. Rounding out the affair is "run it  back," a vivacious bounce that eventually finds the guys dipping their feet into the drum 'n  bass pond for exceptionally remarkable results. If you're looking for some of the most cutting  edge production in bass music, look no further because the sfam fellas are most definitely not  playin' on not playin'.