Hypnovizion Pop-Up

Neil Miller, Jr.
Neil Miller, Jr.

From top to bottom, Hypnovizion decked out Denver's legendary Larimer Lounge in celebration of Rezz Rocks V for their first pop-up event! Free to the public, this day was dedicated solely to the fans who've been following Rezz's minty fresh new record label as well as the artists featured on the imprint, one which has already proven itself to be a force to be reckoned both in and outside of the bass music realm. Featuring sets packed full of heat from progressive-minded artists such as NotLö, sfam, Super Future, Digital Ethos, Mythm, and Fetish, the day was chock full of surprises and unique opportunities to get up close and personal with the Hypnovizion artists.

Walking into the Larimer Lounge was like taking a trip inside of a literal Rezz World. First surrounded by merch exclusive to the event, as well as Rezz Rocks V items and products now sold out from her website, fans were especially stoked to buy signed Hypnovizion & Goth Rezz posters on the cheap in addition to a Hypnovizion pop-up exclusive version of the Rezz Rocks V pashmina and of course, those epic tiny backpacks. Fans also had the chance to get Rezz flash tattoos done by the one and only Mr. Ace, featuring pieces focused both around Rezz and the Hypnovizion label.

Once you made it through the shop, it was pure bass in your face thanks to incendiary sets from Denver’s vivacious master of wubs NotLö & New Orleans’ bass heavyweights sfam. NotLö kicked off the festivities but didn’t go easy on the crowd for one second, proceeding to deliver a set brimming with new IDs from deep within her hard drives & unreleased heaters from some of her favorite collaborators. As if it wasn’t already enough being treated to NotLö’s special brand of bass music, sfam smacked us all upside our collective head with a spaced out set that had us all getting down and they even tossed us an upcoming collab with Eazybaked. Throughout the entire event, fans had the chance to roam the Larimer Lounge grounds to scope out enlarged prints of shots from Rezz Rocks past & larger than life Hypnovizion artist photos whilst engaging in conversations with the Hypnovizion crew. The bar was open for service with a special Hypnovizion drink menu & downright sick-looking Hypnovizion coasters, you know, for those who respect wood.

Digital Ethos, whose recent Hypnovizion track “Kill ‘Em” was featured in Rezz’s first night Red Rocks set this year, took us all on a wild ride through the rich history of bass music by treating us to the sounds of various sub-genres such as UK garage and bass house. Speaking of the latter genre, things got extra bouncy once house music mastermind Fetish took to the stage. Showing just how diverse the Hypnovizion label is, Fetish churned out a set packed full of some of the most fun and authentic house music around. The Hypnovizion fans also showed just how welcoming they are to a diverse array of genres beyond bass music by matching his infectious energy & going bonkers over every transition into a new track.

Providing the perfect bridge between the danceability of Fetish’s quirky take on house music and the filthy bass that would envelop the remainder of the evening from the prolific & extraordinary MYTHM, Super Future infused his set with special flips and unreleased future hits, and even cranked out his current Hypnovizion bop featuring my personal favorite LGBTQIA+ icon and frequent Super Future collaborator, Wreckno. Super Future is just downright fun to watch as he has fun tinkering around with special effects & engaging the crowd to help make everyone feel like they’re just as crucial to the success of his set as he is. MYTHM took over next with a rapturous set of deep cuts and unreleased fireballs. Super Future even introduced him by saying “this guy is sitting on a stack of heaters”…and that was no joke. A high point of the set was definitely when MYTHM dropped “G-Recognition” by Bukez Finezt as NotLö sauntered onstage waving around a gigantic photo of MYTHM himself, simultaneously showing her support for the Vancouver artist and creating a hilarious moment in the night.

After all was said and done, those were left for the last hour+ got to experience a once in a lifetime b2b set from literally every artist in attendance - and more. Floating around throughout the evening was drum ‘n bass stalwart Kumarion and as no set in 2023 is complete without some quality jungle music, the dnb godsend simply had to get in on the b2b fun. After the Hypnovizion artists finished up the bulk of a beyond memorable b2b set, the last portion of the set came down to Super Future and Kumarion on the decks and it was an absolute blast. When the lights came on, we were all left mesmerized by what we had just lived through. Space Momma Rezz, although not in attendance, ensured her presence was felt still by essentially DJ’ing the night and taking her fans on a journey through her favorite music via the artists she’s chosen to represent her Hypnovizion label. That it was free made it all the better, cementing Rezz’s reputation as being relentlessly dedicated to her equally loyal fanbase. This was certainly an event for the books!